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1. Skype Two Hour Lesson Special
2. Technique Bundle PDF
3. My Approach To PSG
4. DVD#1 Quicktime
5. Beginner Videos Quicktime
6. Technique Set Download Quicktime
7. Beginners Book
8. Excel Spreadsheet Windows
9. Palm/Pick Blocking Concepts
10. DVD Technique Set

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Seminar DVD's:

Classes on DVD. Sign up here for upcoming seminars.
Seminar 2008 DVD
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Seminar 2008 DVD Direct Download! (Pdf, Mp4, 430 MB)
Joe had the cameras rolling again at Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention. Topics include: Strings 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10. The 8 Major Triad Grips.

Available for shipping or DOWNLOAD click on More Info.

Price: $45.00
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Seminar 2007 DVD
Seminar 2007 DVD Direct Download! (Mp4, Pdf, 564 MB)
Running time is 3:31. 5 cameras caught all the action and then we edited it down.

Joe continues on with more on scales and technique. Order your copy today. A .pdf is included in the download.

Shippable or Downloadable. Click more info...

Price: $45.00
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Seminar 2006 DVD
Seminar 2006 DVD Direct Download! (Mp4, Pdf, 399 MB)
Recorded with 5 cameras at Scottys' International Steel Guitar Convention. Joe goes into scales and more. He goes super high-tech with a flat screen, computer, and even records with Pro-Tools. Joe even tabbed out the licks and put it on the TV screen. Almost like being there. Order today.

Shippable or Downloadable. Click More Info...

Price: $45.00
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