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1. Skype Two Hour Lesson Special
2. Technique Bundle PDF
3. My Approach To PSG
4. Beginner Videos Quicktime
5. DVD#1 Quicktime
6. Beginners Book
7. Excel Spreadsheet Windows
8. Technique Set Download Quicktime
9. Palm/Pick Blocking Concepts
10. DVD Technique Set

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Beginners Book

Beginners Book

Direct Download! (Pdf, 186 kB)

Created for the beginers to help them understand the importance of the hands.

This is a DOWNLOAD only product.

Wrote for the beginner. Learn Joe's way of training and what you need to be working on to become the player you want to be. Drills and such help the student become more proficient with technique and using the hands to play.. Starts with a section on the right hand like all of Joe's books. That's where the action is so Joe gives you drills to work the muscles that need work. Download Only.
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