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Joe's S-12 Sierra Pedal Set-up

I approach this guitar as one big instrument with all kinds of possibilities. I sit to the right over the 17th fret and keep my legs within the knee levers shown. Notice my A pedal is the second floor pedal. P5 is one that will get changed as needed. It is currently set-up like this but sometimes I set it to pull both 6 &10 a full step. Its a C6th change that I use in conjunction with pedal 4 which raises 4 & 5 a whole step. It gives you string 4, 5, and 6 all being pulled a whole at the same time.

Neat to say that I could actually change the pedals on my Sierra. All my previous guitars were turned into Mavericks by the time I got done tinkering with them. Tom at the factory help me get things on straight. To visit Sierra click Sierra Pedal Steel here.

My latest Sierra Steel is a simpler set-up. There is only 6 knees and no pedal or knee pulls more than 3 strings. The second left knee lever moving right pulls string 6 and 10 a half-step each. This gives me a B pedal on a knee lever on the "sixth" side of the pedal rack.