About Us...


Pedalsteel.com is the work of Hall of Fame Pedal Steel Player Joe Wright. Inducted it September 2014 along with Jim Vest and Sonny Garish. Joe is also a member of the Texas Steel Guitar Hall of Fame and the Michigan Steel Guitar Hall of Fame.

Joe Wright Studios is where Joe records his audio, video and does all of his editing on his many computers.

Joe Wright utilizes 8 Apple Computers to record separate feeds from DV Cameras. He then uses the network to move it all down to the editing computer where he creates multi-angle DVD's and WebCasts.

The analog video section of each camera is sent to a Mixer that allows Joe to use all the cameras for Skype, WebCasts, IChatAV and all other sorts of Live Broadcast based upon the Pedal Steel Guitar.

Joe getting ready to play in St. Louis, 2009.

This is an example of multiple cameras!! Enjoy...joe