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Joe's original book. Completed in 1990.

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This book goes into the science of Pedal Steel Guitar. Joe divides up the possibilities into sections that can be easily digested. He breaks down the movements that are required to play 'licks' on a Pedal Steel. There are sections on the Right hand, Left hand, Blocking, Vibrato, Chicken picking, Music Theory, Pedals & Knees, Function numbers, Across the Strings, Total Hand Control and a special "Putting it All Together," has charts that show all the possible chords on the three major tunings. It compares the three major tunings E9, C6 & Universal. It shows how they are different yet alike in many ways. There are lots of charts and pictures. This book took Joe 5 years to compile and has been described as overwhelming. Complete section on music theory and how to apply it to all three major tunings. Scales & chord theory are all covered.

I used an Apple IIc computer with a dot matrix printer to create this book. I started in 1985 and completed it in 1990. For the times it was quite a feat. I had to print out what I had to fix anything because it wasn't WHYSIWYG... The art work was photos that were traced and then ran through the printer with a device in place of the head. It used the printer to create the stick art. All of the charts were done in a non-recoverable program that no longer exists.

Someday its my dream to recreate this book, only this time it'll be a download only product.

My how times have changed...joe wright

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5 by Ron Carter

Started practicing finger rolls noticed immediate extra notes appearing in my playing ,(notes that fit) Thank you Joe

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