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Scale List

These are the scales that I have accumulated over the years. I've found them in books and made some up myself. The way I look at them is to start with the 12 chromatic tones (scale #53) and then use 5, 6 ,7, & 8 tone combination patterns from the starting 12. There are variations of all types of scales and some modal families. The Harmonic Minor (scale #8) was made into modes and the results are scales #9 thru #14. (the numbering of the scales has no significance. Notice the Harmonic minor has a minor 3rd interval. This makes for an interesting sounding scale.

I've learned what each scale tone's characteristic is and can utilize that "sound" to improvise. The spreadsheet I wrote can give you any of these scales in any key and any pedal combination on your steel guitar. This is updated and has 54 scales.