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The Excel Spreadsheet

E scale picture

Above is the exact screen that you see when you are in Microsoft Excel. You can see 53 scales in all twelve keys and add pedals to see how they rearrange the scale patterns. No programming or spreadsheet skills are necessary to utilize this amazing practice aid. The scales include the modes, diminished, whole tone, harmonic major, chromatic, and many more.

The spreadsheet shows 53 different scales in all keys. It is great aid for learning and instruction. To see a list of those scales follow this link .

For one low price I now include all the different modules I've set-up. They include E9th, C6th, E9/B6th, Dobro, Banjo, Tenor Banjo, Bass (4), Bass (5), Guitar, Violin, Viola, and many more.

After looking at the spreadsheet you can easily learn to adapt it for your own tunings and set-up. The other instrument modules make it great for studying strings.

Windows & Mac version are available.

Even got it working with AppleWorks for Mac.