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More animations to help train your picking fingers to make specific moves without having to give them a second thought. When you play live or in the studio you'll be playing licks that are movements all mixed together. These licks or riffs are all made up from movements that you need to know to be the steel player you want to be.

thumb alternates

Thumb Alternates

  • Thumb-one
  • thumb-second
  • Thumb-third

thumb alternates

The above alternating move alternates your thumb with each of your three fingers. It does each move twice then moves on to the next.

This makes you learn to use your third finger to pick the strings. Again if you have trouble with any digit or single move, break it down to smaller parts and learn each again.

thumb alternates

first finger start

second finger start

third finger start

All fingers

thumb alternates
As you get more proficient at making these moves you can speed them up. They can be used to play padding type licks in the background with the band. They can help you contribute to the overall sound of the band rather than sitting there with nothing to do.

more alternating exercises