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Additional Studies

Here's a sample of my new instruction. Its a 6 minute Quicktime movie about C Chords on the E9th.

C6th Chords find them with these charts.

E9B6th Chords find them with these charts. Includes Movies to download!

Cmin7b5 chords locations.

Grips Animation More to help you become more efficient at playing grips. Try these exercises and see if you can keep up.

C Harmonized Scale This shows you how to harmonize a major scale. You learn each scale and then put three together.

Scales and Chords This shows you how the chord changes on a Universal and C6th tuning. The chord progression studied is Ami, Bm7b5 and E7b9. There are also movies that you can download. The movies are compressed and can be viewed from your hard drive. Mac & PC versions.

C6th lick This is as lick for C6th. It uses the minor scale pattern.

Crossover Blocking A study in crossover blocking movements.

E9 Major Scales See all twelve major scale patterns for E9th tuning.

Leavitt Tuning Modes My booth at Scotty's Convention was next to Mike Ihde's and he was promoting this tuning. This is all the modes in the key of C.