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The Right Hand

One of the hardest parts about learning to play steel is dealing with the right hand. If we look at Example #1, we see pick grips numbered 1 thru 5. They are all shown in position ten. In this tablature we are concentrating on the right hand. The lines are the strings and the:

  • T = thumb
  • 1 = first finger
  • 2 = second finger.

    Looking at grip #1 we see our picks on three adjacent strings. Grips #2 and #3 are open with one string in between. See how the grips open up on the strings.

    Example #2 shows grip #1 across the strings. We learn to play it up and back.

    Example #3 shows grip #2 played across the strings.

    Example #4 is grip #4 played across the strings. The wider the grip, the fewer times we can play it across the strings.

    Beginners need to work on getting your right hand to smoothly play these grips across the strings. The advanced player should learn to see the possiblities of movement. Once you familiarize your right hand with moving across the strings, your playing will start to improve as your muscles get in better shape.