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anilogo C

These next four examples of the C scale are written in Right Hand Tab. This tab is based around the right hand. The left hand moves (frets) are shown on a line below. The pedals and knees are done on the lines. To help you understand this type of tab please read the following terminology.

Right Hand Tab Symbols

The first example above is played with the thumb. It is a C scale from C to C on an E9th steel guitar. Learn it as written. The second exercise is a C scale starting on an E note going to an E note. It starts on the third interval of the scale.

The first one above shows us playing with our second finger. To really play good steel you should be able to use any finger to pick any string. The final exercise shows us playing all three of our first exercises together.

The main point of this exercise is to demonstate how we learn. If you work on each of the first three exercises separately, when it comes time to play the last one, you'll have put each of them into your body. Then it becomes a matter of playing three moves you already know, together. That makes it a lot easier and less frustrating. Remember, learn the first scale using the thumb, the second with the first finger, and the third with the second finger.

Above we use Triplets. Moves are in 3's.

Here we play quarter, eighth, or sixteenth notes.

Quarter note drill.

Forward roll with a slide on the 2nd finger.

Notice how each of these are of the forward roll family.
Learn to start things on any finger going in any direction.