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Here is the C6th version of our scale images. The key is to see each pedal and pedal combination as a new tuning. The pedal steel is the ultimate Multi-chord instrument. The pedals used are standard C6th..

The chord progression we are studying is:

Ami	Ami	Ami	Ami
Bm7b5	Bm7b5	Bm7b5	Bm7b5
E7b9	E7b9	E7b9	E7b9
Ami	Ami	Ami	Ami

Here's the Ami chord that we use the Aeolian scale to solo over. The colors hi-lite where the chord is on your guitar.

This is how we can solo over a Bm7b5. You can leave the 5th pedal pressed and see scale patterns all over the guitar.

Use this for the E7b9chord. It can be difficult to get your ear used to hearing this scale. The flat 9th tone is something that takes a little getting used to.

Here's the C6th animation of the same scales. The changes are played exactly the same as on the universal with the exception of the fret number.