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Remember these will animate at different speeds depending on your computer set-up. At first watch them and just get your fingers doing the moves. I use these types of exercises waiting in traffic.

This is a forward roll. It needs to be learned before you can learn the next movement. Concentrate on your right hand and play it smooth. It's set to loop forever.

Its is played in the eight position.

After you learn the forward roll you can then learn to put a half step slide on each finger to create new moves. The three moves of a forward roll plus a slide give you four notes. These can be 8th notes, quarter notes, 16th notes, etc. If you have problems learn them separately and then put them together.

This is the forward roll with a slide after the thumb going up the neck. You should continue up the neck to get repetitions and to get your bar hand used to going up to the high frets.

Here's a crude animation showing the left hand sliding from fret 3 to fret 8. I'm working on making these more efficient.

This is an alternating exercise that I do. This is slow speed. It is set to loop ten times. It alternates the thumb with each finger, then then first finger with each finger, then the second finger with each finger and finally the third finger with each finger. If they stop press reload to start them all again.

This is the above exercise done at a faster speed. Don't try this one until you can play the entire exercise at the speed above. Imagine what can happen when you utilize the A, B & E pedals and levers!

These are C triads played at the third fret with AB down. This makes the right hand move from position to position. If you have trouble playing them at first low them down and play multiple hits of each. Play each position three or four times then move to the next. The next time do it twice at each position. Then try it once at each position. You can trick your hand into doing it by working from four, three, two and one at a time. The colors are accenting what pedals are being activated. A pedal shows 5 & 10 blue. B pedal shows 3 & 6 yellow.

These are C triads played at the eigth frets with no pedals. The right hand is playing the same movements.

These are the C triads at the 11th fret using the A pedal and F lever. The F lever raises 4 & 8 a half step. Four & eight are colored red.

The E lever is shown in purple and is lowering 4 & 8 a half step. This makes your right hand really work. The challenge is training your hand to play these at any speed. Later I'll put these in with variations of movements.

This shows your right hand playing grip 0.0 across the strings. The position is based upon which string the thumb is on.

This shows how I would double up to pick triplets. If you use thumb and second finger only you can only play them so fast because the second finger has to double up. This way they take turns playing the triplets. Three fingers doing the work of two.