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Grips to Rolls II


To help learn faster we can break things down and undestand them mentally and physically. To know music theory is a must, but then, you must put it into action on a pedal steel. Here is how I can start with a grip move and add a roll to it. The image below shows the three grips and then shows them played as rolls.


Now we will use the next image to add a move to the roll. We will approach each first finger move with a half-step slide and using the same grip pattern. Here we see it below.


We now can use the same grip with a new roll. This is the forward roll that starts on the second finger.


Finally we can add a forward roll to that move to make a new lick. To fully understand the capabilities of these moves you need to be sure to read about the Basic rolls.

To create new licks, we can change any of the variables that made up the lick

  • change grip

  • change roll

  • change slide finger

  • change length of slide

Any one will make you get a new lick. Using this thought process in the learning stages of your playing will help you become a better player. It makes the body and mind work together from the start. Remember a song is made up of groups of movements all put together in a particular pattern. To learn it in the exact pattern is the most difficult way of reproducing it. Knowing the little moves that are inside of the large pattern physically and mentally gives your body a head start.