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Patterns for 6/8 & 3/4 time.

This is a great lick to play over waltz or 6/8 feel. The lick is six moves. The notes come in this order:

  • Thumb picks a string
  • A pedal or slide move
  • First finger
  • Thumb
  • Second finger
  • First finger

Secrets of The Wright Hand Video #1 is the best assistant for teaching your right hand to do what it needs to do. 32 moves that are divided into categories.


TIP: Work out the right hand alternate move slowly and by itself. Then add the thumb and pedal move to it. Section off the parts and assemble them with your hands.


Key to this Lick...

The key to playing this lick is training the fingers to play the backward alternate movement. Think of the first thumb movement and subseqent slide as the set up. Then the double alternate movement that consists of (1, T, 2, 1). Keep in mind that you can use this movement on any three strings. We are using tho 4th and 2nd string to take advantage of the half step relationship. We alter that relationship by using the D lever that flats the second string a half or whole step and utilizing the F lever which raises the 4th and 8th a half step.