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The First Six

Below are my first six original videos that started Joe Wright Productions. Click on the video to watch. They were recorded in Siloam Springs, AR in 1995. Ray Qualls had a video barn in his backyard and we used his 3 cameras and mixer to record all of my first videos. I converted them to DVD around 2002. The first videos had no edits. I did them start to finish without break because we didn't want to edit and lose quality. The first six set-up my entire way of thinking. These are H.264 and playable on all platforms.

vi.gif v2.gif v3.gif v4.gif v5.gifv6.gif
Click on any video to go to its own page. They are Flash versions playable in your browser.
Notice the progression Right Hand, Left Hand, Right/Left Together, Blocking, Ankle/Knee Basics, Mixing Movements
We systematically go through the body parts that play the pedal steel guitar.

Rock and Roll

My next videos were geared towards the rockers. I used BIAB to play with and talked out the licks.


E9B6th Universal

I needed to expand my videos so I worked on the tuning I play. Notice 9, 10 and then 17. That was the order they were actually recorded.


E9th Beginner Videos

I backed up and created some beginner videos. This used the Sierra Artist guitar. No longer available.


E9th Advanced Videos

These were all played on a Standard E9th guitar.

v14.gifv15.jgpv16.jpgVideo 18 Scales for E9th