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My Approach to Pedal Steel Guitar

A pdf file you can view in Adobe Reader. Joe wrote this book in 1985-1990 while working for Charley Pride. No password needed.

Technique Bundle

Joe wrote 6 books in the early nineties and he put them all together into one bundle. This book coincides with his first 6 videos that go in depth into technique. No password needed.

E9 Computer Scales

One of Joe's first books he created on an Apple IIc computer. He taught himself to program and this was the end result.

E9 Modal Scales

Joe created this book to help learn the Modal Scales. He had hand drawn versions on his wall to learn where the notes were on the E9th and E9B6 Tunings.

C6 Modal Scales

We take a look at the C6th tuning in living color.

C6 Scales


The Scale & The String

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