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Left Hand Logic

To show basic left hand movements, I use tablature that shows only one string. It is shown using string 5. You should practice on every string. Notice the different movement comes from changing the left hand. The thumb picks the same string over and over. You should substitute each picking finger for the thumb and do each exercise that way.

The X in the tablature tells you that a note is sounding but it is not being picked. It could also be used to show a pedal changing the note, but these exercises focus on the small things. As we continue to expand our thinking, we can make new licks by simply changing the variables. We can mathematically figure out all of the possibilities. Of course we may need a computer.

The first square shows an exercise that goes all the way up and down the neck. It is a chromatic scale. The thing to notice is how the sound compares to that of the second exercise. We can learn a lot by listening to subtle things as we practice the drills and exercises.

Practice each move with a straight feel and with a swing feel. Each one takes a different move from your left hand. These are all moves that can be worked on. Notice that the second example doesn't write out the entire exercise. You should continue up the neck in the same manner as you were doing previously. The next example is whole tones.